Our Company is specialized in industrial subcontracting destined to different branches. We produced exclusively on customer drawing. Thanks to the versatility of the process and also to the experience of our staff, we are able to obtain products of very different applications. Our main application fields are in following industrial branches: valves, sanitary taps, measuring components, beverage drafting, decorative and artistic elements, but we are not afraid of new challenges for further products and applications. We also work in small product niches and are always interested to face new experiences in unknown fields, in so far as our process and materials allow it.

In order to integrate the internal manufacturing process and respond to the customer various requirements we consolidated external cooperation with qualified Partners able to complete our offer in term of different additional finishing operations like painting, polishing, nickel- or chrome-plating or whatever treatment the client might need.

* The products illustrated in this web-site are only for example purpose and remain in complete intellectual and industrial property of our customers.