The Company


Despite the continuous growing in terms of structure and business relations, the Company still maintain the typical characteristics of a small enterprise such as flexibility and consistency, guaranteeing at the same time efficiency and reliability.

The growing process has been continuous, whereas at the beginning the factory was equipped with chill machines fed by coal furnaces and the process was completely manual. Nowadays the furnaces are fed by electricity and a relevant part of the process has become automatized.

Today Simonfond, thanks to the passion of its founder for his work as well as to the contribution of high skilled personnel, has become a significant manufacturer in the field of brass components subcontracting and is one of the biggest facilities in Europe of this kind.

Following alloys are cast at Simonfond:

  • CC752S (CuZn35Pb2Al)
  • CC770S (CuZn36Pb)
  • CC753S (CuZn37Pb2Ni1AlFe)
  • CC753S DM 174
  • CC752 S / CC753S  LOW LEAD (pb max 0,20%) 
  • CC755S (CuZn39Pb1AlB)
  • CC768S (CuZn21Si3P)

Inclination to innovation, care of product and process as well as focus on the customer are the strength of Simonfond. The staff experience combined with the high maintenance level of our advanced production equipment allow us to reach and keep the best possible client satisfaction.

Our every day commitment is to make available to our customers:

  • Our experience: often customers need to adjust or modify their new projects according to the process requirements, the know-how exchange in these phases is fundamental and requires a mutual cooperation between customer and foundry technicians.
  • Quality research, prevention and solving of non-conformities
  • Quick manufacturing process and lead times of product
  • Competence and flexibility 
  • Traditional work but an open mind for changes



Tradition applied on industrial efficiency, competence and a very relevant production capacity are other competitive edges which have allowed us to begin and consolidate strong commercial relations with our customers, some of whom after many years still cooperate with us and are deeply involved in our process: this synergy is the first means for a common growth and improvement.